Akashic Awakenings offers guidance and direction to help with enlightenment:

Akashic Soul Readings


This reading gives you personal information about your souls past and present, It's a record of your souls journey so far. This reading can give you insight into your many lessons you are working on and the ablities which you have, to help you reach your goals.


Area's Covered:


Energy centers you are working with

Primary and Secondary Life Lessons

Training which you take inbetween lifetimes

Souls Origin

Souls Work here on Earth

Past Lives

Gifts and Abilities


And much more....


Healings & Attunements


Metatronia Therapy®

Kundalini Reiki



Metatronia Therapy® - Tammy L Majchrzak 2010




Spirit Communication


We all have a team of guides who work with us to help keep us on the right path to completing all our tasks. This reading will give you indepth Information about the guides and astral beings working on your team and are connected to you at the present.


Guides & Astral Beings Covered:


Primary & Temporary Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels

Deceased Loved Ones


Animal Guides/Totem Animals


Ascended Masters




Details covered about your guides:




What energy they are working with

Which lessons they are helping you with

If they have worked with you before

Messages from them


Spirit Identification and Clearings


This service is for identifiying what is attached to a specific area, item or aura and then clearing the attachement and bringing in positive light and energy which can dramatifcally change the way it feels.


Residual Energy: 

                                Properties and buildings can absorb energy from the many years they have been occupied.                                                      Different events that take place over the years can leave residual energy in the walls and earth.

                                As well as spiritual energy can become trapped here too.


                          Negative Energy: This energy builds up overtime and has never been cleared.

                                 It can gets picked up by sensitive people, present occupents or visitors.

                                 This energy can cause a loop of events that happened in the past, to keep replaying over in the present.


                                   Positive Energy: Can also replay different events but in a more positive nature. These events could of                                        been parties, celebrations or even someone who used to play a musical instruments on the property                                      and the muscial energy keeps replaying.


Spiritual Energy:  


  Good Spirits: This occures when there is a Spirit who hasn't moved on and stays in a particular area    which they have been connected to during their life. Sometimes they just want to protect the house  which they used to live in or even the people in the house. 


                                  Negative Spirits: These spirits might of been good during their life but become bitter about not being in                                    physical form anymore and take it out on anyone who stays in their house or property.                                                              Other spirits were nasty people before they died and they want to be even more nastier in spirit form.                                    They don't care who they hurt in the process of their actions. These ones need extra help in getting rid                                    of as they become too attached to the area or very strong due to drainging the energy of the people                                        they are around.





House/Property Clearing:  

Identifying what type of energy is present and then working out the best way of clearing this energy.



Aura Clearing:  

Identifying if there is anything attached to your aura,

Gaining information about the attached energy,  

Clearing the energy, if needed.



Item Clearing: 

Identifying if there is anything attached to the object,

Gaining information about the attached energy

Clearing the energy, if needed.