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Professional Akashic Intuitive 

Metatronia Therapy Master Healer/Attuner

Whitelight Self Empowerment Master

Kundalini Reiki Master


Wendy K –

Intuitive Akashic Medium

My name is Wendy and I am a qualified Intuitive Akashic Medium.

I give accurate intuitive readings, which can help empower everyone on their journey here. I use my intuition, channelling abilities and gifts of Clairvoyance, Place and Physical Empathy to gain accurate details to pass on to all clients that come to me.

I wish to guide others with inspirational knowledge which can help empower everyone to move forward and use their own gifts they were born with.


Each reading will be personally created for each soul in mind, with detailed information that can help one to reach their ultimate goals in life. 


I am also offering spirit communication, spiritual clearings, healings and attunements.

Types of Services

Akashic Soul Readings:


Realm Energy  

Past lives

Trainings in Spirit

Souls Origin

Life Lessons




Spirit Contacting:


Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels

Loved Ones


Animal Guides



Spirit Clearings:


Aura Clearning

House Clearing

Item Clearing



Metatronia Therapy

Kundalini Reiki

Whitelight Empowerment




Metatronia Therapy®

Kundalini Reiki


This is only information that has come through for you at this present time.

Everyone has free will and this can change the way your life plays out. Also trust your instincts when receiving any psychic guidance

and if it doesn’t feel right then disregard the information. Maybe one day when you look back on it, the information might make

more sense then. I just hope that it can bring you some guidance and direction that helps you right now in the present.

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